“One day I went downtown in Guatemala with my dad and this man killed another man right in front of us. My dad got really scared. He said that I should come and stay with my brother to be safe.”

“When I was in Guatemala I wanted to come here to learn English and be in school. Now I am here and I am happy. I like everything and I like to be with my brother. When he doesn’t work we go out to eat and we talk. The other day I told him I am happy here but I miss my mom and dad. I don’t know when I am going to see them. I miss them.”

Unaccompanied Minor #2

“I had a little bit of money but the DPI took it from me. I was traveling in a bus in Matamoros and the DPI got on the bus and asked everyone for their money. “Give us all the money you have or you will die here” They had big guns. I gave them everything I had. After that I didn’t have any more money.”

Unaccompanied Minor #4