“One day I went downtown in Guatemala with my dad and this man killed another man right in front of us. My dad got really scared. He said that I should come and stay with my brother to be safe.”

“When I was in Guatemala I wanted to come here to learn English and be in school. Now I am here and I am happy. I like everything and I like to be with my brother. When he doesn’t work we go out to eat and we talk. The other day I told him I am happy here but I miss my mom and dad. I don’t know when I am going to see them. I miss them.”

Unaccompanied Minor #2

“I don’t have any family here. My family is there. They are not safe. I am the only one who is here, learning and safe.”

“It took me about two months to get here. Maybe more. I was traveling with a coyote but then he gave me to a different one and then he gave me to a different one and some more.”

Unaccompanied Minor #1